Unmatched slicing quality and performance.

The new Weber Slicer weSLICE 9500.

When it comes to precisely slicing demanding products in the highest quality and with the highest performance, the Weber has been setting standards since four decades. It doesn't actually get any better than this. Actually...

Our developers and designers have challenged and surpassed themselves. Experience our new slicer flagship for high-performance areas, which once again raises the benchmark with regards to quality, performance and ergonomics. Unchallenged in yield and performance. Unsurpassed slice quality. Uncompromising production quality. That is the new Weber Slicer weSLICE 9500.

"With the weSLICE 9500, we are once again setting the benchmark for performance, slice quality, portion quality, giveaway and yield."

- Jörg Schmeiser, CSO

"High-quality, robust, ergonomic and uncompromising! The weSLICE 9500 offers the maximum performance for every application of our customers."

- Philip Kahl, Head of Application Technology Development

"The weSLICE 9500 is the flagship in our slicer portfolio. Our customers can look forward to a high-performance slicer for their lines."

- Martin Oswald, Product Manager Slicer
High-tech down to the last detail.

Your sparring partner for highest challenges.

Whether you want to process meat, sausage, cheese or products made from alternative proteins: the Weber Slicer weSLICE 9500 is the perfect choice if you expect nothing less than ultimate slicing quality and slicing performance in the highest performance ranges. 

The in-depth process and product know-how of our developers and application engineers has been included in every slicer component and every detail, from the infeed belt to the portioning unit. Thanks to the outstanding slicing technology and sophisticated product handling, even products with challenging properties and special textures (e.g. plant-based products) can be sliced precisely and presented attractively. This makes the weSLICE 9500 your strong sparring partner for highest challanges.

weSLICE 9500
Maximum yield

Optimized product feed, precise and consistently high slicing performance, extremely short end pieces thanks to vacuum grippers, the interplay of many functions and equipment highlights ensures that you get everything out of your valuable products. For less loss and maximum yield.

Weber DirectDrive technology

The product is precisely guided by the direct drive of all components of the feeder, so that in addition to perfectly sliced, visually appealing slices, the highest portion weight accuracy is achieved while at the same time providing maximum protection for the product. 

Quick-change system without using tools

The quick-change system without using tools for standard and vacuum product holders ensures maximum ergonomics, user-friendliness and safety. Thanks to the self-closing pneumatic system, the highest hygiene requirements are also fulfilled.

The best slicing results

The blades at the heart of each slicer comes from the own development and production of Weber. Every Weber Durablade slicer therefore incorporates the highest level of know-how. Thanks to clever technical details, the blade in the weSLICE 9500 can be adjusted individually to the optimum slicing position for each application.

Pioneering hygienic design

The pioneering hygiene design of the slicer meets the highest hygiene requirements and also allows the highest level of accessibility. The quick-change systems in the area of application-related accessories enable effective and fast cleaning as well as extremely short set-up times.  

Weber Digital Factory Solutions

Our digital products and services help you to manage your data and information more easily and provide a one-stop shop for data analysis and information retrieval – in line with forward-looking, digitized production.

Uncompromising integration and networked.

Intelligent complete line solutions from a single source.

The weSLICE 9500 high-performance slicer only becomes the perfect solution for slicing sausage, meat, cheese and vegan substitute products when combined with equally powerful product preparation and automation components, a packaging machine and end-of-line equipment. As it is only through holistic line concepts that innovative solutions emerge that create real added value for you and your production. Our wide portfolio offers a wide range of products with complete solutions for cold cuts production and packaging, from the preparation of the raw product to the finished, tested primary packaging. Everything from one source, seamlessly integrated and intelligently networked. In this way, we combine powerful line components into even more powerful complete line solutions. Tailored individually to your product and adapted to your individual requirements.

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Weber Inc.
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Contact pictogram
Weber Inc. U.S. Sales
Weber Inc.
10701 N. Ambassador Drive
Kansas City MO 64153
Telephone: +1 816 891 0072